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SURVEY Categories

R&D Spending

To create a survey to gauge the degree of an organisation’s expenditure on research and development (R&D) on various factors such as revenue, output and others.

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Tech Transfer

Tech transfer are surveys that can be engaged to gauge the process of technology transfer on satisfactory level of services provided by technology transfer offices or intermediaries specialised in their field.

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Corporate R&D

The corporate R&D survey can be created periodically to collect data on R&D activities in companies or other institution such as Research Institute, Universities and others.

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Rural Entrepreneurship

Any survey can be created to gauge the R&D related activities to entrepreneurs in rural area.

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Urban Entrepreneurship

Surveys can also be created on urban entrepreneurs to gauge the R&D related activities.

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Surveys on start-ups can be created to gauge the support needed to strengthen the early stage of its business.

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Product/Services Development

Companies or organisation can create public survey to gauge the type of product/services that requires enhancement or development.

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Research Related

Researchers intending to create survey for their study can use this tool that are user friendly, does not limit the number of questions/responses and is within a secured environment.

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