Smart Tools

Try our  JKPDA’s Smart Tools. These are basic online application tools as a service for the RAKYAT. Gain your competitive advantage NOW!


My DANA is a system that collects all information on R,D,C&I projects/program in each Ministry/Agency. Thru Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assigned to the projects/programs, the KPI Dashboard monitor and evaluate the performance of R,D,C&I projects/programs in the country.

R,D,C&I Funds

Provides basic information on all R,D,C&I public funds with the aim to assist potential fund applicants in understanding the available funds and make informed decision on types of fund to apply. Divided by phase and sector, R,D,C&I Funds tool facilitates potential fund applicants in moving closer towards applying for the fund.

R,D,C&I Facilities

Provides basic information on available R,D,C&I facilities throughout the country which include laboratories, pilot plants and incubators. The listing enables the users to quickly search the facilities by type, organisation, sector, sub-sector and location.

Experts Database

Provides the listing of R,D,C&I subject-matter-expert (SME) in Malaysia including Malaysian SMEs who are working overseas. Divided by areas of specialisation, sector/sub-sector, location and types of organisation, the listing enables the search for SMEs in a particular area particularly for getting their involvement in R,D,C&I projects or simply getting their expert opinions.

IP Den

The greatest challenge in R,D,C&I is in commercialising the product or services. JKPDA serves as a platform towards commercialisation by providing the listing of commercialisation opportunities in various organisations. Divided by sector and programme, JKPDA facilitates the search for commercialisation opportunities among potential investors.

Report & Journals

Authors with original research papers, reviews documenting of outstanding context and focus can publish their work with us. Our aim is to be the source of research papers and documentation collections among the R,D,C&I eco-system.


Provides the listing of Start Ups in Malaysia including Start Ups who are overseas based within the innovation industry. Meet them here at JKPDA to collaborate or joint venture for new adventure.

MIDA i-incentives

i-incentives is a portal that provides information on investment incentives offered by the Malaysian Federal Government. Incentives Coordiation and Collaboration Office (ICCO), a unit established under MIDA has been tasked as the coordinator for all investment investment incentives to meet the national investment agenda.

Other Features JKPDA provides


A platform to centralised all public funding application. It allows fund manager to build and custom the application form according to each program and for applicant to track all applications under one roof.

Biz Plan

Our complimentary resources and tools will help you create or revise your business plan and give you a competitive edge to succeed — whether you’re an experienced business owner or just starting out


The “go to” place for researcher, scientist, engineers, entrepreneurs, universities and students among other to conduct R,D,C&I related online survey to collect statistical data at their fingertips. With simple steps to follow, survey maker can easily create a survey and even tap on JKPDA traffic who are mainly the people from R,D,C&I ecosystem to participate in the survey. You can also opt to share your survey results in our SCOREBOARD.


Sharing is caring. Share your wealth of knowledge and get up to the latest Innovation updates . You can even also write your industry experience, theories and R&D findings here. Scientist, Researchers, Investor, Academician and any one who wants to shout out innovation and invention, this is your space.


An online evaluation tool to assist Malaysian Government in assessing the R,D,C&I projects/program. The tool automates the evaluation processes and digitised all documentation involves.


Check Malaysia’s position in innovation within Global, ASEAN and other R,D,C&I outcome for Malaysia.